Nikita Gibson Is Making Self-Care A Priority For All Through Her Brooklyn Spa
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Nikita Gibson

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Nikita Gibson

Nikita Gibson Is Making Self-Care A Priority For All Through Her Brooklyn Spa

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Mar 17, 2021

Buddha was once quoted as saying: “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” For Brooklyn native Nikita Gibson, Buddha’s words also serve as the mantra for her life.

At a very young age, Gibson lost her mother to breast cancer.

“Despite my mother’s diagnosis, she decided to live her life to the fullest,” Gibson shared with Travel Noire. “In all the pictures I’ve seen and stories I’ve heard, she was always happy and smiling.”

Her mother’s will to always choose happiness, in spite of “not so happy” things happening around her, motivated Gibson to also choose happiness over everything as she grew older.

Courtesy of Nikita Gibson

Once she was able to do so, she made it a priority to treat herself to self-care experiences as often as she could. It would also eventually inspire her to open a spa where others could also experience the benefits of self-care.

In 2014, she initially opened a hair salon in the Flatbush neighborhood. After some setbacks, Gibson decided to shift her focus to a full-service spa that welcomed all who wanted to come.

Joire’s Spa & Studio, named to honor her late mother, offers everything you can think of when you hear the word spa. From facials and massages, laser hair treatments and more— this Black-woman owned business is truly an experience.

Courtesy of Nikita Gibson

“The things I offer in my spa are things I did for myself prior to opening. I realized that the women in my family, and other Black women around me, weren’t always able to do the same. Whether it was because of money or time. I wanted to open a space where men and women could truly see what it meant to care for self because it feels so damn good.”

Shifting during COVID-19

Like most New York City businesses, Gibson was forced to shut down her spa due to statewide mandates last March. But, that didn’t stop her from finding ways to continue offering experiences to her clients and followers.

“The first thing I worried about when we shut down was my staff,” she explained. “I knew if we weren’t open and bringing in money, they wouldn’t get paid. So, I paid them out of my own money until I couldn’t anymore.”

Courtesy of Nikita Gibson

Rather than leave her employees to fend for themselves, Gibson began putting out videos to her social media audiences, offering at-home self-care tips and remedies. The response was so overwhelming that she threw out the idea to write a book laying out all of her tips and remedies in detail.

“As a woman of Caribbean descent, I grew up with my family creating concoctions from herbs and other natural products found around our home. I started showing my followers how to do the same. Of course when I threw out the idea to write a book, people wanted me to follow through with it, so I did. To make sure I was putting out factual information, I spent my free time researching everything I was planning to write. Within two months, the book was done and published.”

The book received rave reviews and took off. It led Gibson to keep going by curating an entire Joire’s Home spa box filled with all things needed to create the ultimate spa experience without leaving the house. She even teamed up with other Black business owners who were hit hard by the pandemic to feature their products in the box, too.

Courtesy of Nikita Gibson

Soon after she also released an entire skin care line, Joire’s Skin, featuring all-natural organic products from moisturizers, cleansers, toners and more.

The Joire’s Home box can be purchased in its entirety, or you can purchase items à la carte. For the holiday season, Gibson will offer a customizable box as well.

“The pandemic was hard, but it was also a blessing in disguise,” she shared. “It allowed me to work on projects and products that I wasn’t planning on offering until later down the road.”

Joire’s Spa & Studio reopened late 2020 with limited capacity. It is located at 2172 Flatbush Ave #2. To learn more or to purchase your Joire Home products, you can visit the website: You can also follow on Instagram at: @joiresspa.

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