Get Paid To Live On This Historic Greek Island
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Shutterstock

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Shutterstock

Get Paid To Live On This Historic Greek Island

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jul 2, 2019

Have you ever dreamed of leaving the current life you live for a new life on an island? Well, here’s your chance!

The Greek island of Antikythera wants new residents to come live on their beautiful and historical land and they’ll pay you to do so.

Towns in Italy such as Sicily and Sardinia have launched similar initiatives to get residents to live there because of underpopulation — Antikythera is no different.

According to Lonely Planet, the local diocese of the Greek Orthodox Church is now sponsoring some families to move to the island and they are still looking for more potential movers.

Precedence is of course given to Greek citizens but anyone can be chosen to be a part of the initiative — they will be given land, a house and a monthly stipend of about $565 for the first three years of living there.

Antikythera has clear waters and quiet harbor towns but their population, according to the Los Angeles Times, is officially listed at 20.

This island is in desperate need of young families so that the population can grow and the economy can be healthy.

Since Antikythera isn’t a popular tourist destination, their economy has to thrive off of local businesses supported by local people.

It can be quite difficult getting to the island but there is a ferry that runs between Antikythera and Crete — the ferry is usually greatly affected by the weather.

The island, although underpopulated, is self-sustaining — having its own power station and its own source of water.

Antikythera is a popular destination for both geologists and climate scientists.

This island is historically significant, being the place where the world’s oldest analog computer was discovered. Skeletons from an ancient shipwreck were also found on the island.

Four families are currently in the process of relocating to Antikythera.

There will be more people approved in the future.

The selection process for new people may take a long time — as long as five years before anyone can make their move official.

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