This Private Flight Will Give You A Glimpse Of The Northern Lights At Eye Level
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This Private Flight Will Give You A Glimpse Of The Northern Lights At Eye Level

Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Nov 7, 2018

Travelers can now get an up-close and personal look at one of the world’s most mysterious wonders.


Consulta Meta is offering a flight from the Yukon Territory to get a glimpse of the greenish Northern Lights. The privately chartered 737 jet is the only flight in the world to take-off within the “Aurora Oval,” the only part in the world where the lights are most visible, with passengers being able to view them at eye-level.


The exclusive trip will happen from February 7th through 11th in 2019, with the flight taking off on either February 8th or 9th depending on the weather. On the five day excursion, passengers will experience some unique cuisine, industry-leading guest speakers, cultural events, optional day tours and more. There are only 80 seats on the flight, so it will be a rare opportunity for travelers. It’s also a rather quick trip. On a trip last year, passengers saw the lights nine minutes after takeoff.


For the remainder of the trip, wanderlusts can celebrate with a complimentary gin from the Yukon Brewing company and world famous photographer Neil Zeller will be on board to assist passengers with taking pictures. Much better than a picture on your phone. You’ll have two options for this trip. The Aurora|360 flight alone costs $1045 CAD which is $796 in U.S. dollars, but to get the whole experience, it will cost $2939 CAD or $2239 for U.S. residents. That price tag including a four-night stay in Whitehorse, three “distinctive Yukon-flare dinners,” cultural activities, entry to Takhini Hot Springs, a guided tour of Yukon Wildlife preserve and more.


Some of the guest speakers will be Dr. Phil Plait aka the Bad Astronomer, Dr. Christa Van Laerhoven, assistant director of the White House Space Weather, Energy, Environment Division’s William Murtagh and Astronomy Ambassador of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Pierre Paquette.

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