If You're A Foodie And Beach Lover, You're Gonna Want To Visit St. Maarten And St. Martin
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

If You're A Foodie And Beach Lover, You're Gonna Want To Visit St. Maarten And St. Martin

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Mar 30, 2020

The Caribbean arguably has some of the best food in the world. If you’re a foodie and love relaxing by the beach, your next island destination should be St Maarten/St Martin. Encompassing only 37 square miles, this is the smallest landmark in the world.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between St Maarten and St Martin, we’ve got you! St Maarten is the Dutch island which has more infrastructure and is more visited. St Martin is the French island and is more chilled and lowkey. Both of the islands share the commonalities of great dining and beaches.

Although the islands were affected by 2017’s Hurricane Irma, they have made enormous strides to repair the damages and are back to normal.

You can travel the islands by water taxis or regular taxis and you can hop between both St Maarten and St Martin.

Head to Philipsburg on St Maarten to experience the best of what the island has to offer. You can spend the day relaxing by Great Bay Beach, shopping on the main street and exploring the St Maarten Museum to learn about the history of the island.

If you want a tour of both islands, there are half-day tours which takes you through the mountainous areas of St Martin while seeing the city parts of both St Martin and St Maarten.

For the best experience as a foodie, head to the boardwalk behind Philipsburg beach where you can find Caribbean cuisine and bars. Some notable dishes to try are local seafood, lobster, chicken, and ribs.

You also have to try the national drink, guava berry liqueur which is made from locally grown guava berries.

The best time to visit the islands is during June-October when the weather is nice and less crowded.

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