Take Your Food Photography Next Level With Black-Owned Octimber
Photo Credit: Citrine Social Media

Photo Credit: Citrine Social Media

Take Your Food Photography Next Level With Black-Owned Octimber

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Dec 6, 2021

Black-woman-owned business, Octimber can satisfy all of your holiday food photography needs.

Founded by Danielle N. Salmon, the philosophy behind Octimber is to bring joy to others and use stained wood backgrounds to compliment your decadent meals. The perfect time to purchase products from Octimber is, of course, during the holidays, with Instagram becoming a mood board for foodies to delve into their creative photography skills.

The brand enhances foodies’ plating and decorative skills with beautiful stained boards that make holiday dishes stand out.


The Jamaican-American entrepreneur knew that elevating food photography was necessary for those who love to snap photos of their prepared dishes. Octimber was launched in 2021 and has been used as a shop for joy and simple pleasures.

There are 6 wooden board colors to choose from — Apéritif, Earl, Golden Hour, Well Done, Beignet, and Mackerel. Each deep hue is outlined through their website and most options are available year-round, while Beignet and Mackerel are limited stock. The limited options cost $200 while the other four colors are priced at $185.

There is even a special ‘Eda’ color being offered that appears to look like a Tiffany Blue that will suit your meals cooked in spring.

Salmon sources all of her materials locally, in Los Angeles County. She doesn’t only sell wooden backgrounds but also shares her joy with her consumers — joy jars that is. The mason jars filled with dried-out flowers and 24 affirmations that will surely get you started on your day. These are meant to be gifted between loved ones, partners, friends, or even strangers. They are full of joyful messages that will help you maintain optimism throughout your week and will remind you of who gifted you the special item. The jar of happy affirmations is $25.

The name, Octimber was birthed from Salmon being born in October and the significance of the month being the tenth month of the year.

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