Here's What You Need To Know About Flying With Food This Thanksgiving
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Here's What You Need To Know About Flying With Food This Thanksgiving

Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Nov 27, 2019

Are you traveling by plane this Thanksgiving? You can still contribute to dinner by packing TSA-approved food items.

Many travelers are curious as to what exactly they can and can’t travel with when it comes to Thanksgiving food. 

Fortunately, food is allowed but there are some things that just aren’t allowed.

What Can I Pack In My Carry On?

You can pack your turkey or ham in your carry on but you should carve the turkey or cut the ham in slices and store in storage containers before traveling. That way, you can avoid any questions by the TSA.

You can also pack pies, cookies, and cakes into your carry-on but it’s best to pack in storage containers.

Stuffing, casseroles and vegetable side dishes are all allowed in your carry-on bag.

Solid potatoes are allowed on the plane but once mashed, “they’re not exactly what one would define as a solid”, according to the TSA.

What Isn’t Allowed In My Carry On?

Liquids are not allowed in your carry on. This includes gravy, cranberry sauce, and wine. 

If the item has more liquids than solids, you have to check the items in your luggage. 

Just make sure everything is stored in tightly-sealed containers to avoid any messy leakages. 

What Isn’t Allowed At All?

If you have a carving set, leave it at home. 

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