First Time Flyer Fined $17,000 For Tossing 'Good Luck' Coins Near Plane’s Engine
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Unsplash

First Time Flyer Fined $17,000 For Tossing 'Good Luck' Coins Near Plane’s Engine

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jan 6, 2020

A Chinese man who was caught throwing “good luck” coins into a plane engine has been fined.

Lu Chao, who was flying for the first time, was ordered to pay the budget airline Lucky Air $17,200 in compensation

The 28-year-old was boarding a flight at Anqing Tianzhushan Airport in eastern China February of last year when he decided to toss the coins.  Airline staff found two 1 yuan coins on the ground near one of the aircraft’s engines prompting the budget carrier to cancel the flight.

Safety checks were administered, leaving some passengers stranded as the airline worked to find replacement flights, as reported on BBC.

Lu was detained by police for 10 days and charged with disturbing public order. Ultimately, he was made to pay compensation through a civil case.

Representatives from Lucky Air said in court that the incident cost more than $17,600.

The court has now ruled that Lu Chao was responsible for ¥120,000 CNY in damages (roughly $17,211) as well as court costs of 459 yuan, or around $65.

Lu has said he cannot afford to pay the damages.

He also argued in court that the airline should have warned passengers not to throw coins at planes.

According to BBC, it’s not the first-time superstitious passengers have been caught throwing coins at plane engines.

There have been a number of such cases in recent years, including an elderly passenger who delayed a flight in 2017.

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