Inside FlyÃnu: The Black-Owned Affordable Private Charter Booking Company
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Inside FlyÃnu: The Black-Owned Affordable Private Charter Booking Company

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jan 7, 2021

Joshua Dobbins and Brian Graham founded FlyÃnu in 2019, because they wanted to fill a void in the market.

“One time I was traveling through an airport when a mother with two children began to beg and plead to the ticket agent to complete her travel,” Joshua Dobbins told Travel Noire. “There weren’t any more flights to her destination, and that’s when I thought about how I could help this desperate mother get to her destination. I realized that there wasn’t a place where people could go to purchase an affordable charter flight.”

Empathy for people like that mother led Dobbins and Graham to launch FlyÃnu: an air charter booking helping users find affordable private travel.

They discussed more on their inspiration behind the brand, and future plans for the private charter service.

Travel Noire: Can you tell us more about what inspired FlyÃnu? 

Dobbins and Graham: We have been airline pilots, collectively, for more than 13 years. We realize that unforeseen events happen throughout our time flying— which results in airline cancellations, delays, and missed connections. 

The reality is that sometimes, there aren’t any more departing flights that day, to their destinations. 

FlyÃnu is an air charter booking engine that allows unfortunate airline passengers to find affordable flights, to complete their travels when disconnected. Our mission is to make all air charter companies accessible to the public, to do more business.


Travel Noire: What does FlyÃnu look like 10 years from now?

Dobbins and Graham: 10 years from now, we hope to dominate the air charter industry worldwide. Right now we have the capabilities to fly a group of people, or a single traveler, from Atlanta to Ghana without any connections. 

We also want to be the go-to organization for those either afraid of or interested in avoiding large crowds at airports.

From hotels to rental cars to vacation packages, we will have it all.  We want people to actually enjoy traveling again. 

Travel Noire: What’s your reaction to being one of the few Black-owned air charter booking companies?

Dobbins: I have been the first in my family to be a Navy officer and the first to become an airline pilot. There are many firsts, and I’m grateful to help pave the way for future generations to achieve more than I have yet to accomplish. I am very humbled. 

You can find more information or book a flight with FlyÃnu by clicking here.

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