Watch This Florida Politician Check His Peers For How They're Handling The Coronavirus Pandemic
Photo Credit: YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube

Watch This Florida Politician Check His Peers For How They're Handling The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Stephanie Ogbogu
Stephanie Ogbogu Mar 21, 2020

Lake Worth Beach City Commissioner Omari Hardy let his passion for the people speak volumes on March 19 when he let city officials have it over their mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Lake Worth Beach City commissioners held a meeting with Mayor Pam Triolo on Thursday evening to discuss some of the ways they could have handled their response to the coronavirus outbreak. One of the hot button issues was the city allowing the power of 105 residents to be shut off during a pandemic. However, when Mayor Triolo and Commissioner Amoroso tried to move on to a new subject, it was Commissioner Hardy who was there to hold them accountable.

“You’re calling me disrespectful because I’ve interrupted people, but this gentleman [City Manager Michael Bornstein] has turned off people’s lights during a global health pandemic,” Hardy began. “This gentleman has had the ability to do a number of things. We could have banned large gatherings. We could have closed the beach. We could have put a […] on utility shut-offs!”

Before Commissioner Hardy could finish his thoughts, however, Mayor Triolo attempted to recess the meeting. She was quickly reminded by Commissioner Hardy that she doesn’t have the authority to do that, and he further continued to rightfully dig into her.


“This is a banana republic, is what you’re turning this place into with your so-called leadership,” a very frustrated Hardy says. “We should have been talking about this last week. We cut off people’s utilities this week and made them pay what could have been their last check to turn their lights on during a global health pandemic!”

He continued, “But you don’t care about that. You didn’t want to meet. But every other year you go around and beg people for their votes. You care more about your relationship with that guy (referring to the speaker) than you care about the relationship with the people who don’t go to work in this office. “It’s disrespectful what you’ve done to the working people in this city!”

In a Facebook post explaining the incident, Commissioner Hardy says his frustration comes from officials not wanting to meet a week ago when he wanted to hold an emergency meeting that would block the city manager from shutting off the citizens’ utilities during the coronavirus outbreak. Instead, all but one of his peers declined the meeting.


“I don’t regret a word,” Hardy says. “Sometimes you have to get into trouble to stand up for what’s right.”

Lake Worth, FL is approximately 15 minutes south of West Palm Beach and 20 minutes north of Boca Raton. Omari Hardy was sworn in as commissioner in March 2017. He certainly has proved that he is a man of the people.

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