Flights To Europe Haven’t Been This Cheap In Three Years


Flights To Europe Haven’t Been This Cheap In Three Years

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Victoria M. Walker
Victoria M. Walker Mar 27, 2019

If Europe isn’t on your summer bucket list, you may want to consider adding it. If it is on your bucket list, you may be in luck. That’s because, according to Hopper, travelers to Europe can be expected to pay 15 percent less this spring for air travel as flights are the lowest they’ve been in the last three years.

“Round-trip tickets from the US to London have been falling long term, and are likely to remain low in the short term,” says Patrick Surry, Hopper’s chief data scientist.

Round-trip tickets during spring months are $637 round-trip and $909 for summer months. Flights for the same times in 2018 were $753 and $926, respectively.

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Hopper says the drop in prices can be attributed to several factors. First, round-trip flights to top Europe are 20 percent cheaper in the spring than in the summer months, according to its data.

Brexit, according to Hopper data, is also a factor. As Britain prepares to leave the European Union, the British pound is trading at the lowest level seen since the 1980s. This is an attractive option for travelers looking to save money over the summer.

For instance, flights from the Washington Region to London Heathrow Airport for late-April and mid-May dates at the time of publication are less than $500 round-trip on legacy carriers. That, according to Google Flights, is $110 cheaper than usual for those dates. From New York City, flights to London are $420 on legacy carriers and less than $400 on budget airlines.

Almost half of the world’s international arrivals were in Europe in 2018, according to a report, representing 48 percent of the globe’s share of outbound tourism. 2017 marked the eighth year in a row of sustained growth in Europe. Despite terrorist attacks in London, Paris, and Brussels in recent years, France and Belgium remained popular destinations for tourists to Europe.

According to Hopper, the most popular European destinations are London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, and Amsterdam.

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