Flight Deal: Fly Nonstop From NYC To Barcelona For Only $289
Photo Credit: @corneschi| Unsplash

Photo Credit: @corneschi| Unsplash

Flight Deal: Fly Nonstop From NYC To Barcelona For Only $289

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jul 4, 2019

Looking to slide over to Europe for a few days? Don’t worry fam, we’ve got you covered. If you live in or around the New York City area you can fly to Barcelona, Spain for as low as $289 roundtrip.

These low price flights are being offered via British Airways, an affiliate of American Airlines.

You can travel on this deal from December through May 2020. Christmas and New Year’s are not available.

To find your seat for this low price option, head to your favorite travel search engine. We used Skyscanner for this post. You can filter by month to find the lowest prices available within the date range listed. You will see several options populate in green, which is an indication of the lowest price at the time of your search.

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Barcelona is a vibrant city that offers so much to any traveler. From the beaches, nightlife, architecture, and food, Barcelona is sure to leave you wanting more from the Spanish city.

Take a walk down La Rambla. A cobblestone, pedestrian walkway filled with bars, pubs, souvenir shops, and most importantly food. Indulge in tapas and fresh made sangrias as you take in the sights and sounds.

Make your way to the magic fountain in the evening for an amazing water show filled with lights and music.

Once you get to Europe, it is very easy to travel around the continent. There are several budget airline carriers that offer deals for as low as $10 one-way into various European cities. You can also opt to take the more scenic route via the train system. Either way, you will have lots of things to keep you occupied during your visit.

This deal is too good to pass up. Head over the Google Flights now to find your seat on a flight before it’s too late.

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