Flight Deal: Fly From L.A. To Seoul, South Korea For $375 Roundtrip
Photo Credit: @brady_bellini| Unsplash

Photo Credit: @brady_bellini| Unsplash

Flight Deal: Fly From L.A. To Seoul, South Korea For $375 Roundtrip

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jul 19, 2019

It’s time to head to the Far East. That’s right, you can now fly from Los Angeles to Seoul, South Korea for as low as $375 roundtrip. This low price deal is via Xiamen Air.

If you are interested in this deal, you will need to be able to travel between September and October. the date that we used for this particular search was 9/25 – 10/2.

It is best to use Skyscanner, or a similar search engine to find this deal. Be sure to filter to the months in which this deal is valid to make it easier. Once you find the dates that work best for you, follow the link to purchase.

Related: Most Unique Cafes In Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea, not to be confused with North Korea. The city is huge so you can guarantee that you won’t be bored.

As someone who used to live in Korea, I highly suggest spending some time in the unique cafes around the city. Koreans are big on “doing it for the gram,” so many of their coffee shops are themed and decorated to help you get that perfect IG worthy shot.

They change out pretty often, so just be mindful as you plan out your itinerary.

You’ll also want to do some shopping. The city is said to be the skincare capital of the world and if you head to Myeongdong, you will see why. There are dozens of skincare stores lining the shopping district with employees persuading you with free gifts before you hit the door.

Last but certainly not least, is the food. I’ll be the first to admit that Korean fried chicken, and not the stuff from Bonchon, is amazing. They are almost up there in rank with your nana or favorite cooking auntie. Another favorite dish to try is bibimbap or kimchi, both staples in Korean cuisine.

Hurry and grab this deal before it’s too late!

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