Flight Deal: Fly From Chicago To Bangkok For Only $555
Photo Credit: @evankrause_| Unsplash

Photo Credit: @evankrause_| Unsplash

Flight Deal: Fly From Chicago To Bangkok For Only $555

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jul 1, 2019

Bangkok is the perfect hub to explore all of Thailands beautiful islands. If you live in or near Chicago, you’re in luck. ANA, an affiliate of United Airlines, just rolled out a deal. You can fly to Bangkok from the Chi for only $555 roundtrip.

This low price flight has dates that span from late August into December. To find this deal, it is best to use Skyscanner. Once on the site, filter by month.

You will then see dates populate in various colors, with green indicating the lowest price available. You can then select your departure and return dates to see the total roundtrip price. We used August 28 – September 9 as our test date.

The website will display several 3rd party links that offer the deal. Simply choose the one running the lowest price at the time.

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As mentioned above, Bangkok is a great way to explore many of Thailand’s world-renowned islands. Whether you want to head to picture-perfect Phuket or a small island like Koi Samui.

Bangkok was made famous after being featured in one of ‘The Hangover’ movies. You will find that this Thai city gives you a perfect blend of modern and traditional life.

There is a very easy to use the subway system in Bangkok. Another perk is that at every train station, there is a mall attached. The malls are multi-story and feature everything from high-end designer brands to local favorites.

Seeing all of the temples and palaces is the highlight of Bangkok. If you plan to see the temples, keep in mind that there are strict clothing requirements to enter. Women will need to cover their shoulders and legs. Men will also need to ensure that they are properly covered. If you forget, there are street vendors everywhere that sell wraps for you to wear.

It is easiest to take the water ferry across the different stops to see the temples.

Hurry and grab your seat on the plane fam.

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