Flight Crew And Passengers Restrain Unruly Man At Cockpit Door
Photo Credit: Photo by Menghan Zhang

Photo Credit: Photo by Menghan Zhang

Flight Crew And Passengers Restrain Unruly Man At Cockpit Door

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Nov 22, 2022

There’s never a dull moment where airline drama is concerned. On arrival at JFK International Airport in New York, a passenger had to be restrained by crew and other passengers after charging towards the cockpit door.

Videos of the event and the aftermath were posted by digital nomad JT Genter on Twitter. You can view them here.

Genter wrote, “a man started yelling and tried to storm the cockpit of our LOT Polish flight just after landing in JFK. Crew acted quickly to tackle him and announced a ‘serious security incident.’ 15 mins later we are still taxiing.”

Where Did The Plane Come From?

LOT Polish Airlines flight #26 departed Poland and arrived in New York around 8 PM last Friday.

A man, whose name wasn’t published, ran up to the cockpit door and started to bang on it.

There were no reported incidents prior to his meltdown.

Was Anybody Hurt?

According to Fox 5, “a flight attendant was struck during the scuffle. The victim’s injuries are unknown.”

How Did The Authorities Respond?

FOX 5 wrote, “The Port Authority said passengers and flight crew members intervened, and the individual was restrained on the ground when police arrived.”

They added, “Port Authority Police met the plane at Terminal 7, Gate 9.  The man was taken into custody and taken to a hospital for evaluation.”

As of now, it’s not clear whether the man will be charged.

Flight Drama Is Quite Common

If your mind can conceive it, there’s a good chance it’s already happened on an airplane.

In the COVID era of travel, some people really have behaved poorly.

Incidents range from assaulting flight crew or other passengers, to defecating in the aisles. 

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