Flight Attendant On Board Doomed Yeti Airlines Flight Is Memorialized On Social Media
Photo Credit: Toomas Tartes

Photo Credit: Toomas Tartes

Flight Attendant On Board Doomed Yeti Airlines Flight Is Memorialized On Social Media

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Jan 24, 2023

Life has a way of striking a cruel blow at unexpected times. People on TikTok and Twitter have been paying tribute to Oshin Ale Magar, a flight attendant. She was on board the doomed Yeti Airlines flight that crashed in Nepal on January 15.

According to Business Insider, Magar was one of the four cabin crew members who perished. Most of the passengers on board were from Nepal, while others hailed from India, Russia, South Korea, Argentina, and elsewhere.

There were no survivors.

The publication added, “On Twitter, users posting tributes to the lives lost in the crash pointed to a TikTok account appearing to belong to Magar which currently has 11,000 followers.”

Rest in peace to all those who lost their lives.

One Journalist Paid Tribute To Magar On Twitter

Niraj Kumar, a journalist with News 18 India, gave a touching tribute to the deceased young woman on Twitter.

“Live life to the fullest as long as you are alive because death is unexpected!” he wrote.

“Just sharing TikTok video of Air Hostess Oshin Magar who lost her life in #NepalPlaneCrash today. Rest in peace.”

Under this was a video of Magar on an empty plane, turning her camera this way and that way playfully while she smiles.

Scores of Twitter users left flower emojis and “rest in peace” messages under the Tweet.

Magar's TikTok Was Full Of Positive Vibes

The videos posted on Magar’s TikTok, show her singing, dancing, and generally enjoying life.

In some of them, she’s in uniform, in others she’s in casual wear or traditional clothing from her home country.

Business Insider reported, “Thousands of users on TikTok are flooding the account with tribute messages as reports of her death continue to circulate.”

What Caused The Crash?

The plane was on its way from Kathmandu to the town of Pokhara.

The conditions were ideal for flying, and a spokesperson told BBC, “The pilot did not report anything untoward as the plane approached the airport.”

Images show portions of the plane scattered, and those on the scene said the stench of smoke was suffocating.

BBC reported, “As members of Nepal’s police scoured through the wreckage, they told us they had found the black box flight recorder. The voice recorder has also been recovered.”

The Nepalese government has launched an investigation into the crash, which is “the country’s deadliest in 30 years.”

Business Insider confirmed that among the dead were Nira Chhantyal, a Nepalese folk singer, and Elena Banduro, a Russian travel blogger.

There have been safety concerns regarding flights within Nepal for years.

Reuters reported, “273 people died since 2000 in air crashes in Nepal,” excluding this most recent one.

BBC added, “Aviation accidents are not uncommon in Nepal, where remote runways and sudden weather changes can make for hazardous conditions.”

Nepal Has Breathtaking Scenery That Attracts Adventure Seekers

Nepal’s most famous mountain is of course, Mount Everest, which it shares with China.

At 29,032 feet, it’s the tallest mountain in the world. Many have tried to climb it, if only partially, in spite of the known dangers.

According to China Highlights, “Climbing Mount Everest on the Nepal side is less physically demanding, but riskier. The riskiest point is the Khumbu Icefall, where 30% of Everest’s accidents have occurred, because of frequent ice avalanches.”

Live Science morbidly reported that due to climate change, “More and more bodies have been recovered in recent years.”

Those who have trekked Everest have likely heard of “Green Boots,” the nickname given to Tsewang Paljor, an Indian climber who perished in 1996.

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