Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant Dies After Heart Attack Mid-Flight
Photo Credit: mixmotive/ Getty Images

Photo Credit: mixmotive/ Getty Images

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant Dies After Heart Attack Mid-Flight

DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jan 27, 2019

There are always risks to flying. Sadly, those flying on Hawaiian Airlines flight number 50 discovered this.

The flight was leaving New York and was headed to Honolulu, Hawaii on Thursday when it was diverted to San Francisco. A male flight attendant suffered a medical emergency midway into the flight. Emile Griffith, the flight attendant, “had a suspected heart attack,” San Francisco Airport spokesman Doug Yakel said.

A call was made over the intercom for any doctors on the plane. Several medical professionals came forward and were asked to help out with the situation up in the first class cabin. Medical personnel performed CPR, but their efforts were stopped before the emergency landing in San Francisco. Several police offers came on board once the plane landed.

The San Mateo County coroner declared the crew member dead on arrival, Yakel said.

The company offered this statement, which read, “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Emile Griffith, a member of our flight attendant ‘ohana for over 31 years who passed away while working on our flight between Honolulu and New York last night. We are forever grateful for Emile’s colleagues and Good Samaritans on board who stayed by his side and provided extensive medical help.”

“Emile both loved and treasured his job at Hawaiian and always shared that with our guests. Our hearts are with Emile’s family, friends and all those fortunate to have known him.”

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There were 253 passengers on board at the time. According to one of those passengers, they were not informed on what was going on during the time. All they knew is that there were calls for doctors on the plane, due to an emergency.

Passengers were held on the runway for nearly two hours until the coroner arrived.

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