Flight Attendant Goes Viral On TikTok Sharing Hotel Safety Tips
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Flight Attendant Goes Viral On TikTok Sharing Hotel Safety Tips

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah May 30, 2022

A flight attendant has gone viral on TikTok after divulging some key safety tips travelers should utilize before even settling into their hotel rooms.

Many flight attendants have recently been using TikTok to share safety and handy travel tips and the internet is here for it. As part of the job, flight attendants naturally travel more than the average person, so they accumulate a lot of nifty ways of navigating travel.

On this occasion, a flight attendant shared things she has learned while staying in hotels as a cabin crew member.

The tips that made the flight attendant go viral on TikTok

The TikTok user created a video that went viral with several useful tips. The first tip showed the flight attendant scanning the room to ensure that no-one was already inside. The next set of tips showed how the air hostess covered the spy hole to ensure maximum privacy.

The following tip was about ensuring that you don’t make it obvious that your room is empty even if you’ve left the room. To accomplish this, she left the TV at an audible level so that others might be deterred from entering/breaking in.

Later tips stated: “Presence is an app that shows what is going on while you’re not in your room.” This could be used to prevent unwanted activity or robberies when you’re out and about.

Another tip was to ensure the front desk staff do not say your room number and that you don’t either. One TikTok user commented that they worked in the hotel industry and were “trained to never say the room number. [We] don’t even say the floor number (we just say ‘first number is the floor number)’.”

This flight attendant went viral because of the variety of eye-opening tips she shared. The final take-away was to follow your gut and be aware of your environment. Many others commented, mentioning additional tips they have picked up along their travels.

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