'F**K You Karen': Social Media Users Sound Off On Woman Caught Vaping On Plane
Photo Credit: Chiara Summer | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Chiara Summer | Unsplash

'F**K You Karen': Social Media Users Sound Off On Woman Caught Vaping On Plane

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Oct 10, 2022

Social media users are letting a woman recently caught vaping on a plane have it. She probably won’t see the post, but it’s a cautionary tale to those trying to be slick: someone is always watching.

Let’s take you back to where the backlash began.

Reddit user u/Some_zealot posted about his experience in the hilarious r/F**YouKaren subreddit. Apparently, he and his family had problems with the woman before take-off.

“So, I’m (M 19) on a trip to a wedding/cruise with my family down to Florida,” he begins. “My mom pre-picked a whole row for my family of six.”

He continues, “On boarding, we find ‘the Karen” sitting in our row second to the front. Luckily, she moved when my mom showed the tickets detailing the seats, sitting in an empty front row.”

Presumably, already annoyed with her being in the wrong seat, the young man became even more annoyed when he looked over and saw she was trying to conceal her vape underneath her coat.

“Forgetting that her vape makes vape clouds & smells, I (the little s**t I am) tell myself that if she does it again imma piss on her day,” he says.

If it’s one thing a Karen has, it’s always audacity. So, to no one’s surprise, she does it again.

“I get up, walk to the stewardess standing in front of her, and with some volume, inform them that the woman is vaping with my epileptic sister, six-year-old brother, and poor lung-ed Dad sitting right behind her,” he says.

The woman allegedly lies in her attempt to throw a tantrum and tells the flight attendant that she’s wiping her nose and applying lipstick.

“I live up to my birth name of Richard; I became an absolute Dick and stared at this woman for the rest of the 2.5-hour flight,” the Reddit user says.

But things don’t stop with her there. Richard also claimed she littered a used vape cartridge, used tissue, and reading glasses. She also hit an older woman in the head with her luggage, trying to get off the plane quickly.

Reddit Users Applaud Richard For Speaking Up

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“Yeah, I vape because I quit smoking. No one else needs to be inhaling my vape because a. it’s rude, and b. On a plane?! Seriously? … you 1000% did the right thing. Good for you,” one user stated.

“Richard, my brother in Christ, you did NOT act like a dick. You were simply giving her the day she deserved,” another Reddit user commented.

Even Vape Smokers Disagree With The Woman's Actions

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“I rarely fly, and we’re a couple of chain vapers. We loaded up with nicotine spray and gum just in case but barely used it, and there’s just no excuse for what she did. The absolute f*****g entitlement of some people drives me mad,” someone replied.

“I’m a big-time vaper, and there’s no way in hell I’d vape on a plane! The smoke, while not as toxic as a cigarette, is still not 100% safe to be blowing around an enclosed plane,” another smoker stated.



One Person Thinks Richard Is Wrong

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“You are both awful, but awful doesn’t make a Karen. You seem to know you’re terrible and think it’s funny. You didn’t tell the stewardess for any other reason but to ruin this person’s day, not because vaping’s illegal and certainly not for your family,” a user commented.

Everyone Else Seems To Be Confused If Vaping Is Illegal

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To help anyone with the confusion, we went straight to the source.

Per the Federal Aviation Administration, you’re not allowed to use e-cigarettes on the plane.

“Just as passengers are not allowed to smoke cigarettes on an aircraft, they should never use their vapes or e-cigarettes on an aircraft,” the FAA says on its website. “It’s not only dangerous, [but] it’s also a federal offense.”

What Would You Do?

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