Five Essentials for a Girls' Trip
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Five Essentials for a Girls' Trip

CatherineDay Dec 23, 2014

We drove to Chicago, IL with 8 in tow for a friend’s birthday. The plan was to leave early (always the plan) but of course, we didn’t. Instead our morning was replete with last minute Target runs and wardrobe manipulations—such is life. When we did leave, we piled into two cars one after another and set upon our journey. Planning is rarely ever a bad thing, even in impromptu trips, I have compiled a list of 5 girls’ trip essentials that should be considered before ever offering to fill up the tank.

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1. Enthusiasm: Usually to qualify as a road trip, the ride must last more than a single episode of Scandal. And considering you’ll be trapped in a limited amount of space for the better part of 4 hours dependent upon the destination, it is good to keep an open mind to the trip. Therefore, commit wholeheartedly, think of it as a mini vacay if you must but whatever mindset you do take, make sure it is filled with positivity as a good attitude is worth miles.

2. Communication: We live in an age where most interaction does not occur in person. However, when given the opportunity to engage with actual humans, please do so. Surprisingly, it’s fun. Also, good conversation eases the discomfort of a bumpy ride. I will not reveal what we gossiped…but good laughs always make the drive more tolerable.

3. Snacks: I read once that healthy snacks (i.e. grapes, nuts, water) keep the driver/s alert. In our case though, grapes are incredibly boring and I never did take to that whole rice cake phase, so we had candy. In our defense, we were celebrating a birthday so obviously sugar takes precedence over legitimized meals.

4. Compromise: The itinerary for weekend trips almost never gets followed exactly. When traveling with a larger group, each person has their own agenda. Mine was Chick-fil-a, another preferred the fashion outlet in Rosemont. There has to be some level of compromise. And so we split amicably down the center, going our separate ways. Team A departed in search of rations while B (clearly the inferior team) found solace in the form of retail therapy.

5. Resourcefulness: In every situation, there is a personality that somehow makes the trip more extraordinary. That’s why you always need the Resourceful one. The resourceful one gets the accommodations. Put yourself in the mindset of Aston Kutcher a la What Happens in Vegas. Whether it is finding the right cab company for a discounted price or extending your check out time, she gets it done.

A rule of thumb is to remember that when in a group, there are several different personalities to consider, each gal touting her own bit of pizazz. So we 8 and our Danity Kane-y valor urge this: from the backseat of the passenger’s side, remember to look up and experience. I am inclined to quote the remark of idealism that my friend whispered while gazing from the window of our hotel room that she could see the whole city from there like lights on a grid. (she’s the dreamer); consistently laugh as inside jokes bring back found memories; and keep liquid intake at a bare minimum as stops rest stops soon grow tedious.

Happy Traveling,

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