“There might be a little boy or girl in the audience seeing that and saying, ‘Hey, I can do that, too,’” 11-year old Charlotte Nebres told The NY Times. Charlotte is the first Black ballerina in history to be cast as Marie in New York City Ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker.” The play began in 1954.

The young star simply credits it all to just doing what she loves, dancing. She is currently a student at New York’s School of American Ballet and beat out more than 180 other dancers for the starring role.

“To me, it just feels like when I dance. I feel free and I feel empowered,” Charlotte told The New York Times. “I feel like I can do anything when I dance. It makes me happy, and I’m going to do what makes me happy. You don’t need to think about anything else.”

This year’s ballet began running on November 29, so you have plenty of time to catch it in action.

Thanks to ballerina’s like Misty Copeland paving the way, we can only hope to see more Charlotte’s in the near future. Do your thing young Queen, the world is yours!

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