Find Your Travel Bae At Passport Poppin's Virtual Speed Dating Event
Photo Credit: Photo by Briona Baker via Unsplash

Photo Credit: Photo by Briona Baker via Unsplash

Find Your Travel Bae At Passport Poppin's Virtual Speed Dating Event

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Jan 28, 2021

Calling all single travel lovers! This Valentine’s Day, Passport Poppin is hosting an online speed dating event to help you find your travel bae.

We linked up with the brand’s owner and founder, Akeia Spring, to get the scoop on this one-of-a-kind affair.

Travel Noire: Tell us about your “Finding Travel Bae” event.

Akeia: It’s going to be a super fun online event via Zoom where single men and single women will each have the chance to connect for five to seven minutes with each other and see if they hit it off.

Travel Noire: How will it work? 

Akeia: I will facilitate the speed dating event via Zoom breakout rooms, where only one man and one woman can match at a time. This will allow them to privately connect using the suggested travel questions that I’ve provided as ice breakers.

Photo courtesy of Passport Poppin.

Travel Noire: Sounds dope! What happens if there’s a connection?

Akeia: Towards the end of the event, each participant will be privately asked to write down their top matches, the people they felt they connected with the most. If the matches are mutual and they’ve written down your name too, then both parties will receive an email from me at the end of the event with their matches’ names and their Instagram handles so they can connect after the event. 

Travel Noire: How do people sign up for the event?

Akeia: It will start at 7:00 PM Eastern time on Valentine’s Day. Interested individuals can reserve their spot at

Travel Noire: Who can participate? Is it open to everyone?

Akeia: This event is strictly for the travel lovers. That’s the only qualification. Other than that, it is open to all. Grab a ticket and come with an open mind to meet your travel bae for a wonderful baecation post-lockdown. 

Photo courtesy of Passport Poppin.

Travel Noire: Great! Tell us some more about what Passport Poppin does.

Akeia: Passport Poppin is a travel brand dedicated to providing travel inspo and beautifully curated experiences for melanated adventurers. Initially, it was created as a platform on which I could share my own travels and inspire people that look like me to explore more. I soon began helping people plan and book vacations. Then in 2019, I decided to start hosting group trips.

Travel Noire: What kind of group trips do you host?

Akeia: For my hosted trips, I try to include many aspects into planning the itinerary to have a more well-rounded experience. Every trip I have planned has had an itinerary including history/culture, ratchet, and bougie activities!


At the end of 2019, I hosted a group of four ladies on a fun, intimate girls trip to Cancun to escape the winter cold. In 2020, our group trips to Panama, Nicaragua, and Mexico sold out. Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel them due to COVID-19. I’m hoping that later this year it will be more feasible to resume our group trips.

So, whoever makes a love connection at our Finding Travel Bae event can be on the lookout for an upcoming Passport Poppin Baecation Trip! 

For more information on the event, visit or and follow @_passportpoppin on Instagram.


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