Find The Cheapest Flights From Your City With MIT’s New Search Engine
Photo Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc | Getty Images

Find The Cheapest Flights From Your City With MIT’s New Search Engine

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Apr 3, 2019

For many of us, money is the number one reason for putting off that vacation getaway. The cost of international flights can be overwhelming, but if you are not too picky about the location of your next destination, a new solution in travel planning could have you taking flight in no time.

Thanks to the geniuses at MIT, travel planning just got a whole lot easier – and cheaper. A team at MIT’s Senseable City Lab inspired by urban imagination and social innovation through design & science, just launched Escape, an interactive platform for visualizing air travel data. The search engine project led by architect Carlo Ratti, allows users to enter their departure city and a range of travel dates while the system aggregates the cheapest destinations around the world. This incredible new platform will allow budget-travelers looking for an international getaway to find the “cheapest escape from their city.”

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The filter options may be the site’s coolest feature. Once you are given your travel results, you can further narrow down the search with various filters based on budget, direct-only flights, visa requirements, popularity, and even weather. The live chat feature also offers constant support during your travel planning and booking process.

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For those who wanderlust constantly over their next vacation, Escape can easy occupy your time while inspiring your next great travel adventure. Visually the platform is also quite stunning. With color coded results showing destinations from cheapest to most expensive in colors ranging from green to red, travel planning has never been so easy or colorful. 

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