Fight Breaks Out On Flight After Man Refuses To Wear Face Mask
Photo Credit: @DimaBerlin via Twenty20

Photo Credit: @DimaBerlin via Twenty20

Fight Breaks Out On Flight After Man Refuses To Wear Face Mask

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Oct 7, 2020

A passenger’s refusal to wear a face mask started a physical altercation on a recent Allegiant Airlines flight.

A fellow passenger asked the defiant man on board the Utah-bound aircraft to follow the rules and wear a mask. That’s when things took a turn.

“I just knew that something was going to go down, and so really all I was thinking about was getting out of the way,” Rylie Lansford, a passenger who witnessed the situation unfold, told the Huffington Post.

According to Lansford, a man sitting behind her started arguing with a flight attendant after she asked him to wear a mask. He was wearing a face shield, but “face shields must be worn in addition to a face covering,” according to Allegiant’s policy.

A passenger sitting in her turned around and yelled at the man to wear a mask.

According to Mesa, Arizona police, the maskless man told him to mind his own business.

When a gate supervisor arrived to remove the man wearing a face shield from the flight, he elbowed the man in front of him, blaming him for the reason he had to leave.

Lansford’s video shows the man in front choking the passenger who refused to wear a mask.

An off-duty police officer stopped the fight and escorted the unmasked passenger off the plane. Lansford confirmed the second man was allowed to stay aboard.

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