Expedia’s latest data shows a significant increase in fall travel interest, with flight searches rising by 15% and hotel searches surging by 20% compared to the same period last year.

Travelers can consider these key points as the fall season approaches:

Affordable Destinations: Domestic options like Juneau, Denver, and Chicago offer over 20% average ticket price reductions compared to summer. International choices encompass Oslo, Tokyo, and Florence.

Optimal Time to Fly: The week starting October 24 is predicted to feature lower-than-average flight prices compared to summer.

Seaside Savings: Vrbo vacation rentals offer potential savings of 25% or more in beach destinations such as Outer Banks, Myrtle Beach, and Panama City Beach.

DINKs Prefer Fall Travel: Hotels.com’s data reveals that 70% of couples with double incomes and no kids (DINKs) choose fall vacations. This period allows them to explore well-liked destinations like New York City, Paris, London, Las Vegas, and San Diego without the usual crowds.

Leaf-Peeping Opportunities: Travelers seeking the beauty of changing foliage can explore various destinations known for their fall colors.

Fall Travel Costs

As temperatures decrease, travel costs follow suit, providing excellent opportunities for budget-conscious travelers to plan a getaway without straining their finances.

“Fall is now travel everywhere season. For people not beholden to school schedules, people without kids and deal-hunters, the so-called shoulder season between summer and the holidays is prime time for a getaway, ” said Melanie Fish, head of Expedia Group Brands Public Relations, in a press release.

She added that fall consistently stands as an attractive season for budget travelers. Average ticket prices for domestic flights are approximately 10% lower than peak summer rates, and international flights are about 5% cheaper.

For maximum flight savings, consider booking during the week of October 24. Domestic flights are nearly 20% cheaper compared to summer averages, while international flights are around 15% more affordable.

For those seeking a wallet-friendly beach escape, Vrbo offers significant savings on private vacation rentals after Labor Day. Popular beach destinations like Outer Banks, North Carolina, and South Padre Island, Texas offer accommodations at reduced rates.

As the fall season approaches, DINKs are seizing the opportunity to travel. Hotels.com’s survey indicates their preference for fall vacations, allowing them to fully enjoy hotels’ amenities and entertainment options.