The Best Face Masks For Young Kids Returning To School This Fall
Photo Credit: fstop123 | Getty Images

Photo Credit: fstop123 | Getty Images

The Best Face Masks For Young Kids Returning To School This Fall

Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Aug 3, 2020

For many parents, there is a new item on the back-to-school shopping list this year: face masks. With comfort, safety and ease of use in mind, here are some of the best options for young kids.

LAmade has a huge selection of mask collections for kids. Their 5-packs will run you around $55 and each mask offers 2-layer fabric, cotton blends for comfort, and are machine washable. Since the pandemic started, the company has donated over 22,000 masks to those in need.

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Bloch’s machine washable masks are environmentally friendly and embedded with Nano Zinc Oxide particles in the fabric’s fibers. The soft stretch fabric with adjustable ear loops form a perfect breath-easy fit whatever your face shape. You can grab the 3-pack online for $18.50.

Purchase a 3-pack of face masks for your kids for $15 at the GAP. Available in 12 colors and patterns, these masks are made with soft, lightweight, triple-layer cotton for safety and comfort.

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Green Sprouts facemasks are available online and sell for $12.99. They are made with a lightweight, breathable design and come in four colorful patterns. The best part, 10 percent of all green sprouts® Reusable Face Masks sold are donated to groups and organizations dedicated to helping those in need.

This set includes four tightly knit cotton masks from Nordstrom that are washable and reusable, so you know kids will always have one on hand when they’re going out. The 4-pack is recommended for kids ages 5-10 and costs $18.

It’s important to note, these masks are not medical-grade or FDA approved and children should always be accompanied by an adult while wearing them.

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