The Best Places to Experience London’s Street Art Scene
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

The Best Places to Experience London’s Street Art Scene

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Rachel George
Rachel George Aug 22, 2019

London is globally known for its vibrant street art scene complete with electrifying underground tunnels, spray-painted walls, and graffiti skateparks featuring abstracts, portraits, cartoons, and more.

Here are six neighborhoods where you can experience London’s street art.


All over Shoreditch is a creative hub packed with art galleries, cafes, graffiti walls, and more. I can “feel the future” is black and female with this galactic space portrait collaboration by artists Love Pusher and Mr. Cenz, who is known for his female-inspired, funky space paintings.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane has some of the best art you’ll see walking in East London. Expect to find vibrant colors, distinct 3D graffiti, and each piece met with a subtle message. The art here is popular amongst locals and visitors.

East London | Getty Images

South Bank

South Bank is one of London’s most featured art scenes. They’re known for their regularly tagged underground skate parks and long tunnel. Britsh artist Stik painted a gang of his signature stick people here in 2013.

Camden Town Market

Color and music are evident in this neighborhood. Here you’ll find images of musicians along with other various styles and designs, including this portrait of late legendary singer Amy Winehouse.

A Portrait Of Amy Winehouse On Display At The Camden Lock Tavern | Getty Images

Leake Street Tunnel

Taking a stroll down the tunnel behind the Waterloo Station, you’re guaranteed to find a new piece you missed every time. Leake Street Tunnel is a hub for a community of arts, entertainment, and food. Famed graffiti artist Banksy opened this giant treehouse exhibit here in 2008, inviting locals to add their own stencil art.

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The Brixton skate park’s uniqueness comes from it being regularly tagged by random artists. Here you’ll find colorful street murals and the only national heritage centre dedicated to documenting and preserving the history of African and Caribbean heritage in Britain. In response to the H&M Coolest Monkey scandal last year, a graffiti artist painted this of a black boy wearing a green hoodie calling for corporate social responsibility.

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