Here's What To Expect From All-Inclusive Resorts As They Begin To Reopen
Photo Credit: Canva

Photo Credit: Canva

Here's What To Expect From All-Inclusive Resorts As They Begin To Reopen

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jul 7, 2020

Although we’re currently in the middle of a pandemic, many travel-related businesses are working towards reopening while adhering to health and safety guidelines. 

Hot spot vacation destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico are revamping their cleanliness and sanitizing procedures in all-inclusive resorts and top hotels. 

Here’s what you can expect as resorts and hotels reopen this summer:

Sandals Resorts

This popular chain of resorts has reopened its Grande Antigua Resort and Sandals Montego Bay in Jamaica. There are more projected to open this month while the remaining Sandal resorts are set to reopen in November. 

Travelers can expect the resorts to adhere to the Sandals Platinum Protocols of Cleanliness which consists of temperature checks before checking in, social distancing being enforced, and online check-in.

There will also be hand sanitizer placed throughout the properties and public restrooms will be cleaned and inspected every 30 minutes. 

A UV LED light will be used in hotel rooms to ensure that rooms are properly cleaned and sanitized. 

Hard Rock Hotels

Hard Rock’s all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana and Mexico opened on July 1st with Hard Rock SAFE + SOUND program in full effect. 

There is now temperature checks prior to check-in in and common areas like restaurants and lounges will have a capacity cap. Pool activities and night clubs will remain closed.

Travelers can expect to find sanitisation stations and restaurant menus online. 

Playa Hotels & Resorts

Playa Hotels & Resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean began opening on July 1st and will continue to reopen on a rolling basis. 

Following the new Playa Safe Stay program, you can expect to see more sanitizing stations, contactless room cleanings, and digitized menus. 

Travelers will be encouraged to social distance while staying at the properties. 


Currently, there are no COVID-19 cases on Paradise Island in the Caribbean. In an effort to keep it that way, Atlantis will reopen The Royal and Harborside Resort on July 7th followed by The Cove on July 14th. 

The Atlantis Clean & Safe Promise will offer digital check-ins, daily health screening of staff members, and UV-C light technology to clean common areas. 

Face masks will be required in elevators and at casino game tables. 

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