Expat Life: 7 Reasons Why Black Families Move Abroad
Photo Credit: Gift Habeshaw | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Gift Habeshaw | Unsplash

Expat Life: 7 Reasons Why Black Families Move Abroad

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Sep 9, 2019

For many, the black travel movement is about more than just traveling as a pastime, it’s a lifestyle choice and a necessity.

We spoke with four black families to get their reasons for moving abroad, and what they hope to gain from the experience.

A New Language

Being able to speak multiple languages opens up more opportunity for communicating with the world. All families agreed that teaching their children a new language and learning one themselves, was a huge reason for the move.

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US Culture & Politics

The unrest, divisiveness, and violence again black people in the US, has many people considering a move. For these families, they felt that they would be more accepted and have better opportunities abroad.

A New Culture

Exposing their children to new cultures and a new way of life was critical in their decisions to move. Travel is a form of education that all of these families held in high regards.

Fighting Complacency

Most of the families were tired of their routine. The monotony of everyday life was beating them down, and they did not want to become complacent in life. Settling is not an option and they don’t want their children to ever think otherwise.


Because every day should be fun! Breaking out of comfort zones and going into the unknown is thrilling and terrifying. This is the sense of adventure that they were all seeking.


They moved to build adaptable children who feel at home anywhere in the world. Children who feel independent and confident in their ability to communicate and navigate challenging situations.

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Many families felt that they would have more financial freedom in their new country. With lower costs of living, their day to day lives and security for the future feels brighter and more promising.

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