Expat Life: 5 Things To Consider When Choosing Where To Live Abroad
Photo Credit: Photo by Peggy Anke on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Photo by Peggy Anke on Unsplash

Expat Life: 5 Things To Consider When Choosing Where To Live Abroad

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Sep 25, 2019

With more and more people deciding to pack up their familiar lives in the States and move abroad, it’s important to consider all of the factors that come with such a huge life decision. If you are considering making the move yourself, here are some things to think about before buying that one-way flight.

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Language Barriers

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It’s a common misconception that people speak English just about everywhere around the world. Do your research. When deciding where to move, it’s a good idea to factor in your level of understanding of the local language or your willingness to learn it beforehand.

Cost Of Living

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Sometimes information online can be deceiving when it comes to the actual costs of living in a city. The online numbers may be outdated or don’t factor in your unique lifestyle and needs. Are you traveling with children who will need schooling? Are you looking for a simple or luxurious lifestyle? Speaking with other expats to find out the actual cost of living is important, and it will help you greatly in deciding where to move. Based on your income, you can then make an educated decision that won’t put a strain on finances.

Friends & Family

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If it’s important that friends and family can visit, you should factor this into your decision. The cost of flights and the distance of travel will heavily deter your friends and family back home from coming to visit. If this is important, look for places where travel is affordable and easy.

Finding Work

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If you are going to be looking for work when you arrive, it’s import to factor in local Visa requirements in the country where you will be moving. Some countries are stricter than others. You should also consider how much you can earn based on your industry, experience and if that will support your lifestyle abroad.

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Moving With Children

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If you will be moving with children, you have to factor in a few more details when doing your research. Schools, medical systems, and safety are all things to consider and can make one place more desirable than another. Be sure to talk to other expats and see how their experiences have been for the entire family.

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