Here's Everything Happening With Delta Airlines
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Here's Everything Happening With Delta Airlines

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Rachel George
Rachel George Dec 11, 2018

Delta Airlines has undergone a variety of upgrades and changes to their policies and regulations. Later this month, the airline launches their first biometric terminal with facial recognition scanners at the Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

Here are a few more changes they have made to give passengers a “more exclusive” feel.

Tweaks to their boarding procedures

Delta hopes to integrate new hues that map back to boarding groups through the process.

In February to better accommodate Basic Economy seats, the airline will add a Zone 4 during boarding. Catering to their passenger and employee feedback, wanting a “more exclusive” feel. Hopefully, this will cut down some of the chaos during boarding. Diamond Medallion members who have traveled with Delta using over 125,000 miles are now allowed to board with Premium passengers. Delta One passengers will be able to board ahead of Medallions.

Frequent Flier Upgrades

In the Christmas spirit, Delta Airlines is giving their frequent fliers free upgrades to their seats using their miles. This function is only available for Delta-operated flights, not partner airlines.

By next month, passengers will be able to make the mileage upgrade via its app at the Atlanta terminal, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Airlines can still obtain value in this change, encouraging more passengers to use their frequent flier program and selling more first class seats. However, the chance for these free upgrades decreases, when more first class seats are sold.

No More Support Animals

Starting Dec. 18, all support animals less than four months old are banned from any flight longer than eight hours. Pets taken into the cabin will not be affected.

Delta is committed to safety and protecting “the rights of customers with documented needs, such as veterans with disabilities, to travel with trained service and support animals,” John Laughter, senior vice president for corporate safety, security and compliance said.

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