Budget Airline Primera Air Leaves Thousands Stranded After Collapse
Photo Credit: @zyteng1997 | Unsplash

Photo Credit: @zyteng1997 | Unsplash

Budget Airline Primera Air Leaves Thousands Stranded After Collapse

Rachel George
Rachel George Oct 2, 2018

Primera Air announced in an official statement that it would be ending all operations after 14 years of service, leaving thousands stranded without warning.


The European company has officially closed after filing for bankruptcy. The budget airline was unable to secure long-term financing. For the past two years, the financial state of the airline has been in jeopardy after numerous mishaps, loss of an aircraft, cancellations of flights and other operational issues.


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While employees are immediately out of a job, thousands of travelers are left stranded in airports wondering how or when they will get home.


Primera Air declared passengers are unable to communicate with the airline, in the statement. There is currently no rescue plan in place, as travelers have been expected to make their own arrangements home. They have been advised to contact the airline directly, rather than the airport, for possible compensation.


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According to the UK Civil Aviation Authority, travelers who paid with a debit or credit card and booked directly with the airline may be able to make a claim with their credit card provider or possibly against their travel insurer.


In the past, European airlines have offered “rescue fares” for passengers who are not covered by insurance, if left stranded by a bankrupt airline.


Primera Air was praised for their cheap non-stop flights to Europe from the US.  The airline expressed their gratitude for their employees and passengers, although travelers are still unsure how to return home. 


For more updates, check the Primera Air’s website here.

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