Escaping Paris' Concrete Jungle
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Escaping Paris' Concrete Jungle

Paris , France
Travel Noire
Travel Noire Nov 22, 2013

Paris…city of lights. City of romance. City of mouth-watering baguettes.

City of about 2.2 million inhabitants and transit point for the majority of France’s 78 million tourists per year.

Once upon a time I too was part of that 78 million, until I took the leap and decided to call Paris home; and boy do I feel blessed to have a view of the Eiffel Tower from my balcony – I still giggle like a kid each time they turn on the lights at night – or to walk by the Seine after a long workday. But like every big city, sometimes you just need a quick escape from the concrete jungle.

Sure, compared to London or New York, Paris is pretty laid-back — adorned with gorgeous Haussmannian architecture. When I long to escape the cramped metro, long queues at the grocery store and the oh-so-romantic dog droppings on the street, I head to urban respites like the Jardins de Luxembourg, Le Parc Floral, or Parc des Buttes Chaumont.

Here are a few reminders why urban parks and gardens in Paris are treasures:

Luxembourg statue   Luxembourg flowers  Jardin de Luxembourg wide view   Luxembourg Chairs

Parc Floral

Parc Floral Parc Floral Water Statue Parc Floral Trees Parc Floral Sign

Buttes Chaumont

Buttes Chaumont Buttes Chaumont Bridge

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