How To Enjoy Disney World's Magic & Animal Kingdom As An Adult
Photo Credit: disney's animal kingdom

Photo Credit: disney's animal kingdom

How To Enjoy Disney World's Magic & Animal Kingdom As An Adult

Shenae Curry
Shenae Curry Sep 6, 2019

A lot of millennials have a phobia of going places alone whether it’s shopping, movies, events or traveling. While the latter is understandable, lately I’ve noticed a rise in solo travel via social media so I decided to put a spin on it; Disney World solo. 

Sure, we all have plenty of Disney memories that take us back to growing up watching movies, shows, toys and maybe a Disney visit or two but I’m here to tell you that Disney World is not just for the prepubescent! 

My last Disney visit was 10 years ago and at this point, I’m sure my friends and peers are tired of me ranting about how “it’s literally magic!” I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been called a “big a** kid” for wanting to go back, but I didn’t care. 

Disney World, the internationally known “Happiest Place On Earth,” is undisputedly the most amazing place to take your family. There are so many rides and activities to keep the kiddies of all ages entertained but, what about us?! 

There are plenty of things to keep adults engaged and entertained at the parks. First of all, a lot of rides have lines for solo riders that’ll have you at the front of the line in just minutes so you’re literally in & out before some even make it inside. In between rides you can drink! Yes, I mean drink alcohol. There are restaurants with alcoholic drinks, pubs with beer and a few standalone FULL bars that I’ll note in my guide below. 

Without further adieu, here are my tips for any millennials interested in having a fulfilling Disney World experience whether alone or with friends:

Plan ahead: 

At the start of your planning, start a savings account months in advance specifically for this trip. I went to the park with $500 of disposable money I’ve been saving since February because I wanted to freedom to do whatever I wanted. You can use my link to download Qapital and get $10 just for signing up!

Know what attractions/parks you want to visit, download the Disney World App & get corresponding FastPasses to help create a schedule.

A FastPass is your way to reserve a seat on your rides of choice. You can only make three reservations per trip (there aren’t any loopholes, trust me I tried) so it’s wise to use them on the most popular rides.

Be aware of which rides have single rider lines. Had I known this ahead of time I wouldn’t have wasted FastPasses on certain rides like Expedition Everest (the best ride, in my humble opinion).

Buy tickets:

When planning my visit, I knew I wanted to try to do more than one park in one day. When purchasing your ticket, you’ll see a load of ticketing options which can get overwhelming. If you want an experience similar to mine, I get a one day ticket with a park hopper add-on which can run you about $188 (hint: tickets are cheaper if you purchase online with the Florida resident option. They will check your ID – I have a Florida ID so mine was a bit cheaper).

Late Risers Can Now Enjoy Discounted Entry To Disney World With Mid-Day Magic Ticket

Get a “First Visit” pin:

Whether it is or it isn’t, that pin helped me skip a 2-hour ride line at Avatar Flight of Passage and I heard depending on where you go, it can help with even more!


No explanation necessary. Each park serves alcohol, don’t let anyone lie to you. From this experience, I’d say Magic Kingdom mostly serves alcohol at sit-down restaurants because they are more family-oriented versus Animal Kingdom where there are literally outdoor bars that let you walk away with your drink. (I’d assume Epcot lets you walk with drinks and Hollywood Studios is more restaurant based just because there are more rides — feel free to correct me)

Aladdin & Jasmine at Agrabah Bazaar in Adventureland of Magic Kingdom

Take lots of photos!

Use the app to track down your favorite characters and have a photoshoot with them. There are also certain areas that have Magic Photos that use technology to give the illusion that you’re interacting with characters like holding baby Simba or Tinkerbell, wearing fairy wings and sitting next to Stitch. 

Take time out to be a kid:

Do all the things your inner child wants to do, you’re a grown-up now! Get the mouse ears you want, be in awe at literally everything, ride the teacups with no shame… do it all!

Minnie hugging me after she beat me in Rock, Paper, Scissors at Adventurers Outpost
at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

So once that’s all planned and plotted out, you’ll want to make sure you have certain things handy:

  • Charge your portable charger! I cannot stress this enough. I have a really good one that came with my AWAY carry-on and it can keep me juiced for days.
  • Also, sunscreen. That Orlando sun is insane, trust me.
  • Bringing a water bottle is also smart. I didn’t have one and fell victim to purchasing a $5 water which… I don’t even want to talk about.

Where I Went:

  • Magic Kingdom is the epicenter and main park of Disney World. This is where Cinderella’s Castle, numerous character photo ops, Main Street U.S.A (where the parades happen), and Fantasyland, home to the more child-friendly attractions. 
  • Animal Kingdom is the more zoological park of the four. It’s themed entirely around the natural environment and animal conservation so you’ll find the Tree Of Life as the central point, a lot of wildlife, both respectively displayed and as part of shows, and rides like Expedition Everest, and a chance to meet Camp Mickey & Minnie.

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