Employee Strike Canceled All Flights To Belgium For 24 Hours
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Employee Strike Canceled All Flights To Belgium For 24 Hours

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Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Feb 14, 2019

Public transport workers in Belgium went on strike, causing an immediate halt for incoming and outgoing flights.

For 24 hours, no commercial flights were allowed to fly in or leave Belgium on Wednesday. Unions were hoping to get an increase in their pay but after a proposal was sent to them with only a 0.8% increase for the next two years. They also want an increase in benefits and pensions. Workers decided going on strike was the best way to get what they deserve.

Similar to what happened here in the states during the partial government shutdown, Skeyes air traffic control agency wasn’t sure how many of their employees would show up to work, making it unsafe for travelers to fly. It was the best thing for them to do. “We know that there will be substantial roadblocks around the airport,” a Brussels South Airport spokesperson said. “And, on another hand, we know that the air traffic would be affected.” This isn’t the first time the city has dealt with a strike, but the airport said it “has never had such a significant impact.”

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Airlines weren’t the only form of transportation being affected by the strike. The strike is causing drama with buses, trains, police, and even hospitals. Only half of the trains were scheduled to operate. Eurostar is still expected to run between Brussels and London or Paris, but passengers can expect delays for trains going from Lille or Calais.

Of course, government and military flights were not affected. NATO had a scheduled meeting with defense ministers Wednesday morning, and officials said the strike did not affect their travel.

With the strike coming to an end, Brussel airports are expected to be busier than usual, with more than 33,000 passengers boarding their rescheduled flights. Officials are asking passengers to get to the airport well before their scheduled boarding time.

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