Employee At Luxury Hotel Encounters White Powder And Is Hospitalized
Photo Credit: Photo by Nik Lanus

Photo Credit: Photo by Nik Lanus

Employee At Luxury Hotel Encounters White Powder And Is Hospitalized

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Dec 1, 2022

A housekeeper who works at a luxury hotel was hospitalized after coming in contact with a white powder. According to ABC News, the powder “was allegedly left by a man who trespassed on the property illegally.”

The incident occurred last Sunday at New York’s Park Hyatt in midtown.

Fortunately, the housekeeper is expected to live.

What Happened?

The suspect, who hasn’t been named, accessed the 11th floor of the Park Hyatt around 8:30 PM.

He entered a room which a family had vacated earlier in the day.

ABC News explained, “the suspect spent the next 14 hours in the room and left at around 10:30 AM on Monday morning.”

“However, when a housekeeper went to go clean the room, she encountered a powdery substance that immediately made her sick.”

How Did The Suspect Get The Key?

The family that had checked out “were allocated five room keys.”

Authorities believe they might have dropped one of them without realizing it.

The Fire Department Arrived To Investigate

Authorities were called. But by the time they arrived “the substance had already been swept up during the cleaning process.”

Residue that was tested indicated that the powder had “traces of an explosive substance.”

For the safety of remaining guests, the entire floor was vacated.

The Police Department Also Weighed In

Assistant Chief James McCarthy of the NYPD addressed the incident at a press conference.

“All subsequent tests of the surfaces were met with negative results,” he said. “There were no trace amounts of hazardous materials detected. At this time, we feel that the earlier test results were a false positive.”

Surveillance Footage Helped Authorities Identify The Culprit

Police haven’t released the identity of the culprit.

However, he has an extensive criminal record (16 arrests for low-level crimes) and he’s homeless.

“I want to stress to all New Yorkers and visitors that there’s no credible threat against the city at this time,” McCarthy said.

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