The New Emirates First-Class Suites Are What Dreams Are Made Of
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

The New Emirates First-Class Suites Are What Dreams Are Made Of

Travel Noire
Travel Noire Nov 16, 2017

Economy seats on the Dubai-based airline Emirates are among the best in the world, so it should come as no surprise that the airline really goes all out for their Business and First Class passengers. Their latest onboard feature, personal suites, are poised to make flying as luxurious as possible.


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Known for being at the forefront of luxury air travel, Emirates just unveiled their new first-class suites, which are more like luxury hotel rooms than airplane seats. The new suites were designed in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, and feature a comfortable bed with fine linens, advanced seat control, soft leather, personalized mood lighting and a customizable color scheme for the intimate 40 square foot space.


Suite passengers will arrive at their destination not just relaxed, but refresh since the suites have onboard showers, and there are also bars and lounges for passengers to pass the time during the long international flights.

Round-trip flights featuring the new suites will roll out December 1 for flights between Dubai and Brussels or Geneva, but the airline expects to have close to 10 planes outfitted with the suites by 2019. At upwards of $10,000 for round-trip tickets, only a handful of people will ever sip vintage Dom Perignon while lounging in the private, posh cabins, but hey, one can dream! Learn more about the luxurious suites here.

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