Rome, Italy Restaurants: Best Local Cuisine
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Rome, Italy Restaurants: Best Local Cuisine

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Travel Noire Jan 23, 2019

Surely, you can’t wait to savor the genuine flavors in Rome. A cuisine that is varied as it is delicious, it is known the world over and greatly cherished. Fresh ingredients are key, and now that you’re in Rome, you’ll have not only the most authentic fare but also the freshest. You can rest assured many places will blow you away, but how can you decide where to go with so many options? We narrow the list down for you with some must-visit spots.

Enjoy Roman Authenticity at Cesare al Casaletto

Cesare al Casaletto will give you a truly Italian experience. Its creators, Leonardo Vinoli and Maria Pia Cicconi spent their long careers in fine dining across Italy and abroad, and while the husband and wife team focus on their roots at Cesare al Casaletto, it’s clear that devoting their life to challenging their abilities has paid dividends.

You will find all the classics here, and each is made to absolute perfection. In particular, the pasta all gricia has a following all of its own, and absolutely must be tried. Additionally, the pair must have made some incredible deals with local vineyards, because their list of wines has a great and reasonably affordable selection.

The only downside is that it isn’t near any landmarks or monuments, but it’s still worth the visit. Afterward, you can take a lovely walk through Villa Pamphili, a massive public park.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Otaleg

Sharp-eyed readers might notice that Otaleg is actually “gelato” spelled backward. This naming reflects Otaleg’s playful nature, as well as the fact that the gelato is created right in the storefront, not in the back. You get to watch it being made with pride.

The gelato itself is amazing. Creamy, rich, and all-natural, it is made from premium ingredients, like bourbon-infused Madagascar vanilla beans, Valhrona chocolate, and much more. If you’re looking to find the absolute best gelato in Rome, Otaleg is where you’ll find it.

What is a Visit to Rome Without Pizza?

Surely, at some point, you plan on sampling Rome’s best pizza. We recommend Pizzarium, which is a pizza al taglio, or pizza by the slice shop. While it’s conveniently located by the Vatican Museum’s entrance, be aware that it isn’t exactly a restaurant. You will receive no table service, and you’ll have to sit on one of the few benches nearby.

What you will get, however, is pizza that must be tasted to be believed. Open only a decade, it has truly set the bar even higher for pizza in Rome. With cold-fermented, heirloom wheat-based dough and artisanal meats and cheeses, and fresh organic produce, these are the most flavorful pizzas around. Because of this process, available toppings change as dynamically as hourly, but you’ll always find the signature tomato, oregano, mozzarella, and potato always available.

Don’t Forget the Bakery

Finally, to round out your Roman eats, don’t forget the bakeries. We strongly recommend Panificio Bonci. Operated by the same owner as Pizzarium, Gabriele Bonci, in 2012, it demonstrates just how capable a chef Bonci truly is. You’ll enjoy classic loaves, alongside cookies, pastries, cakes, and also deliciously juicy and flavorful roasted chicken. You can also get pizza here, although the creations are not as devoted to unique combinations and are more mainstream.

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