Marrakesh, Morocco: Best In Local Cuisine
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Marrakesh, Morocco: Best In Local Cuisine

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Travel Noire Jan 22, 2019

Marrakech, Morocco boats a lush history dense with a blend of many cultures. As such, not only does it offer countless activities and sights, but also exquisite cuisine enjoyable nowhere else on Earth. From one-of-a-kind street vendors to the finest dining Morocco has on offer, you absolutely must treat your palate to meals you’ll remember for life.

Dine at Al Fassia

Your first day in Marrakesh, treat yourself to a foodie’s dream at Al Fassia. You’ll be immediately comforted by the warm, relaxing ambiance of plush cushions and merlot-colored walls. You’ll also be relaxed by how straightforward and simple the menu is, which is why it’s a great first stop. That doesn’t mean, however, you’ll be getting anything short of extraordinary cuisine. Featuring a variety of tagine, couscous, and its signature dish of pigeon b’stilla, a layered meat pile, the meals are signature Moroccan fare.

Treat yourself to La Maison Arabe

This restaurant was established long before it was turned into a hotel of the same name by an Italian aristocrat. Harkening back to the 1940s, La Maison Arabe is historic and has hosted notable diners from Ernest Hemingway to Winston Churchill and proudly serves the same quality fare today. In fact, they host cooking classes to the finest Moroccan chefs.

If you’re looking for a romantic date, the traditional Moroccan dishes such as Berber vegetable tagine are absolutely top-notch, served alongside more modern and experimental fare. You and your date’s palates are complemented by a heated outdoor pool and Arab-Andalusian music from lutes. The only downside? You’ll have to leave eventually.

Take in the Grand Café de la Poste

Even older than La Maison Arabe, the Grand Café de le Poste is a charming colonial-era establishment named, in English, the café of the post office because it originally served the post office which still stands today directly behind it. A chic atmosphere of potted ferns and palm, rattan furniture, it is the intersection of traditional Morocco and French influence at its most synergistic.

Likewise, you will find the unique confluence of culture in Dakhla oysters and duck confit. Whether taking in the subdued romantic atmosphere at night with chilled wine or dining in the beautiful outdoor terrace in the day, this destination is not to be missed for its uniquely French-Moroccan flavor.

Enjoy the various staples of Jemaa El-Fnaa

Yes, you were probably going to visit Jemaa El-Fnaa anyway, just as anyone who visits New York City is likely to visit Times Square. But just as outsiders to the Big Apple may only visit dining establishments and overlook some of the most authentic New York Cuisine from vendors, so too is the case in Morocco. Food vendors are a staple of life in Marrakesh, and from freshly-squeezed juices and roasts, you would be doing yourself a disservice to not bring a full appetite to Jemaa El-Fnaa.

Enjoy the casual dining of Corner Cafe

Take a break from the fancier high-dining destinations and the bustling markets with an enjoyable visit to Corner Café. A hidden gem without even a website, this casual café offers delicious traditional comfort food such as chicken pastilla in a relaxed atmosphere with top-notch, friendly service that will have you feeling at home.

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