Are Backless Plane Seats The New Wave? This Viral Photo Said Yes
Photo Credit: Photo via Twitter

Photo Credit: Photo via Twitter

Are Backless Plane Seats The New Wave? This Viral Photo Said Yes

DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Aug 8, 2019

As technology continues to develop and companies strive to find new ways to cut down on costs, we are starting to see some pretty bizarre things. This is especially true in the aviation industry.

A few months ago, it was suggested that certain carriers are looking to test the idea of windowless planes. They would simply display what looks like the sky on the walls to give passengers the feeling that they are looking out of a window.

Then there was the idea for seatless planes. Yes, imagine having to sit on the floor in “criss-cross apple sauce” for a flight.

Well, it seems that the internet has outdone itself yet again in the aviation world. Recently, a photo made its way across the world wide web that displayed what appeared to be an airplane seat without its back.

The now viral post suggested that budget European airline, easyJet was moving to make more of its flights just like this.

As you can see, the post spread like wildfire with nearly 30,000 people talking about it.

However, backless seats on airplanes are not really becoming a thing. But, the photo did cause quite a bit of uproar.

After getting word of this photo circulating the web, easyJet asked the poster to remove the post so that they could investigate into what really went down in the picture.

Many people came at the airline for the wording of their request, hinting that had the picture not been posted the airline would have only swept it under the rug.

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According to the airline, the passenger in the photo was initially assigned a seat that was being repaired. However, flight attendants asked her to remain in the seat until they could get all passengers boarded and find her an empty seat. Before the plane actually took off, that passenger was assigned another seat.

“No passengers were permitted to fly in these seats as they were inoperative awaiting repair,” Holly Mitchell, spokesperson for EasyJet told USA TODAY in a statement. “Safety is our highest priority and easyJet operates its fleet of aircraft in strict compliance with all safety guidelines.”

But, unfortunately not before someone could snag this picture.

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