Duolingo Plus Offering Free Language Courses To Tinder Passport Users
Photo Credit: Uriel Mont

Photo Credit: Uriel Mont

Duolingo Plus Offering Free Language Courses To Tinder Passport Users

Nasha Smith
Nasha Smith Apr 16, 2021

Tinder recently reopened its virtual borders with the reintroduction of its Passport feature that allows app users to freely swipe across international waters during the month of April. But good communication is a major key in establishing a healthy relationship, especially when you’re both speaking a different language. Duolingo Plus has officially entered the chat.

The language learning website and mobile app has joined forces with the popular online dating network to offer Tinder users a free month of Duolingo Plus. This premium upgrade will give 100,000 Tinder members access to unlimited learning from their library of 40 languages. Unlike the basic option, Duolingo Plus offers even more learning materials, is ad-free, and best of all allows downloading of lessons in the app for offline use. 

That means no poor Wi-Fi connection formed against you shall prosper as you learn to speak the language of love.  

“Passport is one of our most popular paid features and since it’s been free we’ve had our busiest day of 2021,” said Udi Milo, VP Product, Tinder. “In the first week alone there was a 25% increase in the number of matches made as a result of the feature, so a partnership with Duolingo will help our members spark conversations easily, no translation needed.”

Of course, with so many languages to choose from, you might be wondering where to start. Tinder’s got you covered. The company has released data based on the most popular countries members are using the Passport feature to match in and have highlighted the top ten languages to start brushing up on. 

English tops the list with 1 in 5 Brazilians using the feature to swipe in the United States. Spanish is the second most widely spoken first language in the world and Madrid is the 5th most popular city destination globally. The United States ranks number one for using Passport in Paris, making French very useful. Japanese will also come in handy as stats show that US Tinder members are number one in using the feature to meet new people in Tokyo. Get familiar with Catalan: Mexicans are using Passport in Barcelona more than any other nation. Rounding out the top ten are Korean, Italian, German, Dutch, and Portuguese. 

Tinder’s Passport is free until April 30 and Duolingo Plus is free for a month. Find out more on how to redeem here

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