Dubai Is Hoping Luxury Yachts Will Entice Tourists To Visit After Pandemic
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

Dubai Is Hoping Luxury Yachts Will Entice Tourists To Visit After Pandemic

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Jun 24, 2021

Dubai’s tourism is coming back with a different approach, post-pandemic. In order to adhere to social distance measures, the United Arab Emirate is betting on luxury yachts to boost its tourism sector.   

Known for its gigantic towers and luxurious tourist spots, Dubai has the most diversified economy in the Gulf, a region that depends highly on oil. Its financial, commercial and airport center also provide a very successful tourism sector, with roughly 16 million visitors a year before the pandemic.

But, with the pandemic, Dubai’s tourism sector was severely hit by Covid-19. According to Consultants Frost & Sullivan, the Gulf’s travel and tourism industry may have lost up to $60 billion during 2020 due to the ongoing restrictions related to the global coronavirus pandemic.

In order to solve this problem, Dubai has decided to bet on luxurious vessels.  Now, those luxury yachts in Dubai are crowding the pier of Dubai’s Marina. Trips aboard the area’s man made waterways have become the new fad, and Dubai is seeing its tourism sector booming again.

“The containment measures were relaxed, and the situation returned (almost) to normality. People opted for something safe and in accordance with the regulations, attending with family and friends”, told AFP Mohamed al Sayed, director of  Royal Star Yachts. “Both residents and tourists dream of “cruises” to relax,” he added.

According to AFP, there has been an increase in demand for yacht rentals since March 2021, as some restrictions were still in place at hotels and private beaches. These trips are not cheap, though.

It costs up to 18,000 Dirhams ($4,850) to sail for three hours on a 137.8 ft. long boat. This cost can be shared between passengers on board.

While the country is among the fastest to start its vaccination campaign, the influx of tourists since the beginning of the year has allowed various commercial activities to ramp-up to their pre-health crisis level.

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