Many of us are already deciding what our New Year’s resolutions are going to be — travel more, work smarter, adopt a healthier lifestyle, etc. One of the ways people lean into a healthier lifestyle is by cutting out alcohol. Making that change can result in a multitude of health benefits from weight loss, decreased blood pressure, and even better sleep. Let’s not forget that giving up boozy drinks can also save you money.

But if you’re gearing up for a 2019 getaway at the start of the year, it can be tough to make the choice to give up your favorite cocktail. Especially if you’re headed to an all-inclusive resort, need a little something to take the edge off while you’re flying, or like to have a little sip to go along with your dinner.

Giving up alcohol, aside from the known health benefits, can help reset your body, especially after all of the booze-filled parties the holidays bring.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning to opt into Dry January on your travels and beyond. If you’ve been drinking more than the NIAAA defined low-risk drinking standards, which is one drink per day for women and up to 2 drinks per day for men or no more than three drinks on any single day, then you should be mindful of going cold turkey as you could end up with withdrawal symptoms. So take it slowly and if you have any concerns, be sure to check in with your doctor.

Taking on Dry January while traveling might seem like a less than desirable choice, but your mind and body will thank you for it, and you just might end up enjoying the benefits of drinking less! If you get a craving for a drink, try a non-alcoholic Moscow Mule or Sangria.