Do You Want To Visit The Louvre This Fall? Get In Line, Literally


Do You Want To Visit The Louvre This Fall? Get In Line, Literally

Paris , France
Victoria M. Walker
Victoria M. Walker May 2, 2019

The Louvre Museum in Paris says that it is requiring reservations this fall to see an exhibition by Leonardo da Vinci, which includes the iconic Mona Lisa portrait.

According to the New York Times, the museum has said that reservations will be required to see an exhibition to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of da Vinci. The exhibition, expected to draw large crowds, will feature between 14 and 17 paintings attributed to da Vinci, including “Saint Anne” and “Saint John the Baptist,” according to Smithsonian Magazine.

Officials for the museum have said that the reservation system was needed. “This will enable us to manage the flow of visitors and prevent them from queuing,” Louvre president Jean-Luc Martinez, told Art Newspaper. “It’s about changing our visitors’ habits.” According to Art, one-third of the Louvre’s visitors already buy their timed tickets online.

The exhibit opens on Oct. 24 but tickets for fall dates will go on sale beginning June 18, according to the Times. Tickets will set you back $19 if purchased online.

The iconic museum reached over 10 million visitors in 2018, which, according to Martinez “no [other] museum in the world has achieved this figure.” The museum got a boost after music moguls JAY-Z and Beyoncé shot the music video for their song “APESH*T” at the Louvre.

The video, from the “Everything Is Love” album, includes the two standing in front of the Mona Lisa and performing outside the museum in front of the symbolic pyramid.

Foreigners made up nearly 75 percent of all visitors to the Louvre last year, according to the BBC. The museum was the world’s most visited in 2018. The National Museum of China in Beijing and the National Air and Space Museum in Washington were numbers two and three, respectively.

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