Inside DJ Envy And Wife Gia Casey's Magical Paris Vacation
Photo Credit: Photo via @DJEnvy Instagram

Photo Credit: Photo via @DJEnvy Instagram

Inside DJ Envy And Wife Gia Casey's Magical Paris Vacation

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Rachel George
Rachel George Nov 4, 2019

Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey are known for their luxurious lifestyle. From their family’s coordinated outfits and thrilling activities to their exotic cars and lavish vacations, The Casey Crew will surely leave you in awe. However, this time, the parents opted for a romantic getaway of their own thanks to a surprise trip to Paris, planned by DJ Envy.

According to DJ Envy, he was originally going to Paris for work but decided this would be a great opportunity to have a romantic getaway.

“I had a meeting in Paris, so I extended my time and surprised my wife with a couples trip,” Envy tells Travel Noire. “My wife has been to Paris before and she always talks about how much she loved it, so I just told her to pack and we went.”

And they didn’t travel light, either.

“We took 8 pieces of luggage,” says Envy.

The couple began their romantic vacay with a whimsical dinner at Château De Versailles, one of the most visited attractions in France. Under Louis XVI, the estate was remodeled into this immaculate complex to reflect his power and authority. Take in the Italian architecture, French Gardens, animal fountains, and elegant pink marble panels the next time you visit France.

The couple also fashionably toured the most famous room in the Palace, the Hall of Mirrors, which is decorated with 357 floor-to-ceiling mirrors on one wall and 17 glass doors to view the beautiful gardens of Versailles on the other. This room was built as a tribute to France’s political, economic, and artistic success. Free admission is available for visitors under 18 years old and European residents under 26.

Obviously, you can’t come to Paris without doing a little shopping. Gia was surprised with a few new items from Hermès.

Later in the evening, Gia unboxed this beautiful alligator skin luxury Hermès Birkin bag. Birkins are some of the most expensive bags in the world, ranging anywhere from $9,000 to over $1 million.

DJ Envy and Gia were #relationshipsgoals while posing outside the iconic Louvre Museum, which received over 10 million visitors in 2018, thanks to Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s “Apeshit” music video.

The couple visited the Eiffel Tower earlier in the day and returned at night to see the tower’s magical light show.

DJ Envy and Gia ended their vacation by taking a quick flight to Cognac, France to visit the Cognac Vineyard and tour the Remy Martin distillery. It’s the largest white-grape vineyard in Europe. Tours come with a special surprise gift per person.

After having a moment to reflect on their trip, Envy tells Travel Noire, “Our favorite place in Paris was the Eiffel Tower but my favorite part of the trip was taking her to Hermes. I haven’t seen my wife smile like that in weeks!”

You can tell these two had an amazing time!

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