Discover The Best Hidden Beaches In Grenada
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Discover The Best Hidden Beaches In Grenada

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Danielle Dorsey
Danielle Dorsey Aug 12, 2019

The small Caribbean island of Grenada is renowned for its white sand, clear water beaches, the most famous of which is Grand Anse Beach, where many of the island’s all-inclusive resorts can be found. But for those wanting seclusion in the sand, head to Grenada’s best hidden beaches.

1. La Sagesse Beach

Located in a protected cove with a freshwater river that connects to the sea, La Sagesse has all of the beach activities you could want without the crowds. With only one hotel and restaurant on the beach, it’s best visited on a day trip. La Sagesse is one of the few beaches in Grenada that still has palm trees leaning along its shores after Hurricane Ivan and its safe waves are perfect for swimming, kayaking, or boogie boarding. Beach chairs are available for rent if you prefer to lounge in the shade. 

2. Magazine Beach

Magazine Beach is buoyed by the Aquarium Restaurant to the south and the Grenadian by Rex Resorts to the north, yet remains one of Grenada’s best-kept secrets. Its clear waters are perfect for snorkeling and swimming and its convenient location near the airport makes it an easy detour after you’ve deplaned. The nearby Aquarium Restaurant has a great Sunday afternoon BBQ, but regular prices can get expensive so pack a lunch if you want to save funds. 

3. Morne Rouge Beach (BBC Beach)

You can stroll to Morne Rouge from Grand Anse Beach, which is just north of this shallow cove. It offers calm waters that are ideal for kids and inexperienced swimmers.  Locals refer to this beach as BBC Beach, so use that name when asking for directions. Several bars and restaurants are attached to the beach and lounge chairs are available for rent. 

4. Hog Island

To get to Hog Island, you’ll need to take a boat from the Whisper Cove area. Although the island can get busy on the weekends, it makes a great weekday trip and offers unparalleled views of Calivingly Island. Lack of development on Hog island makes it ideal for a morning or late afternoon hike (be sure to check temperatures) to take in the local bird population and mangroves. Roger’s Barefoot Beach Bar is the only business on the island so be sure to stop in after 5 pm for a refreshing rum cocktail.  

5. Levera Beach

Levera Beach is another great option for adventurous travelers who want to do more than lounge on the beach. Located on the Northern part of the island, you can walk to Levera National Park from the beach, which offers bird watching and the refreshing Levera Pond as well as views of Sugarloaf, Green, Sandy, and Carriacou Island. From April to late June, you can even see leatherback turtles coming up to shore to lay their eggs. It is not recommended to swim at this beach due to undercurrents and rip tides. 

6. Bathway Beach

Bathway Beach is another favorite location for snorkeling due to its smooth, turquoise waters and nearby reef. Located on the northeast corner of the island, the beach is usually empty on weekdays. Make it a day trip and explore the nearby town of Grenville which has colorful markets and offers a rare glimpse into the everyday life of Grenadians. 

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