Meet the Women Behind Detroit's First Black-Owned Beauty And Education Hub
Photo Credit: Photo by Shaleena Cole of LeoSage Images

Photo Credit: Photo by Shaleena Cole of LeoSage Images

Meet the Women Behind Detroit's First Black-Owned Beauty And Education Hub

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Sep 12, 2019

There’s nothing like going into a beauty supply store and finding the perfect products. What makes your experience even better is having people on staff that look like you and can properly educate you on what it is that you are purchasing.

That was the inspiration behind Detroit’s first Black-owned and woman-owned beauty and education hub, Bronzed N Glow.

Best friends, Jamesha Lucas and Destiny Thomas, always knew that they wanted to create something that would make an impact in their community and help others.

Photo by Justin Milhouse 

The two met in Atlanta back in 2012 and both ended up in Michigan a few years later.

“In 2017, we were thinking through some ideas,” Jamesha told Travel Noire. “We came across an article about the beauty supply industry that stated less than 10% of stores are owned by Black people, despite being supported mostly by the Black community.”

In an effort to help change that number, the women created an online focus group to learn more about what women who frequent beauty supply stores, were looking for in their shopping experience.

Photo by Michael Ryan Hicks

Almost all of them either felt that the stores they encounter left them feeling underserved or there were so many products with no one to explain which was best.

How do we change this narrative? That was the key question that the women had to ask themselves. From there, they began building out the idea for their own beauty supply and education hub. But, not to be confused, this is not just a traditional beauty supply store.

“We came up with four main principles to help bring the experience together both in-store and online. They are community, experience, beauty, and education,” Jamesha said.

Photo by Michael Ryan Hicks

Jamesha and Destiny plan to give customers an unforgettable experience when they visit. There will be beverages to drink while you shop and the women will put together community events that will bring in experts to teach classes on various topics surrounding health and beauty.

“I was once having skin issues, so I went to my dermatologist who is also a Black woman. She let me know that the issues were being caused by the products I was using on my scalp. People need to know things like this.”

While opening a place of this magnitude is a lot to take on, the women see that it’s also needed.

Bronzed N Glow will open on Detroit’s historic Avenue of Fashion, which is home to some of the city’s most known Black-owned restaurants. They will offer all major brands in addition to some that have only been found online.

You will also be able to find local up and coming brands.

Photo by Shaleena Cole of LeoSage Images

They are slated to open in mid-October, although that is contingent upon the city finishing up some major construction just outside of the store.

When asked how they feel about being the first Black women to bring a space like this to Detroit, Destiny said this:

“It’s an amazing feeling to be a trailblazer and to inspire. It feels great to be apart of something that is so much bigger than just us. We are inspiring and empowering people through beauty.”

To learn more about Bronzed N Glow, you can check them out online or on Instagram: @bronzednglow.

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