These Are The Destinations Most Affected By Overtourism
Photo Credit: Jeff Ackley - Unsplash

Photo Credit: Jeff Ackley - Unsplash

These Are The Destinations Most Affected By Overtourism

Rome , Italy , Amsterdam , The Netherlands
Danielle Dorsey
Danielle Dorsey Jun 29, 2019

Overtourism is a topic that’s been gaining more lately, with cities like Rome and Amsterdam struggling to implement policies that protect the daily life of locals without discouraging tourism altogether.

Just in time for summer vacation, Responsible Travel has released a map based on recently conducted research that details the strain of overtourism around the world. The company also filmed a documentary on the issue, which can be viewed here.

A passing glance at the map reveals that Europe is the continent most impacted by overtourism, with destinations such as Reykjavik, Iceland; Palma, Mallorca; and Bruges, Belgium, popping up alongside overcrowded locales such as Paris, Venice, and Barcelona.

The map also shows environmental landmarks that are being threatened by overtourism, such as Machu Picchu, Galapagos Island, and Easter Island in South America as well as Rocky Mountain National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the United States.

The report isn’t intended to discourage travel altogether, but to inspire tourists to be more mindful about their impact on the places they visit. Local governments at many of these destinations have already instituted policies that stymie the amount of visitors, but tourists can provide additional assistance by traveling during low seasons or looking into eco-tourism options that might be less strenuous on local environments.

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