Meet Christian Gibbs: The Designer Behind byKrishtun’s Crochet Wear
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Meet Christian Gibbs: The Designer Behind byKrishtun’s Crochet Wear

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Nasha Smith
Nasha Smith Feb 16, 2021

Rihanna is not the only immense talent out of Barbados. Meet Christian Gibbs, the creative genius behind byKrishtun, a clothing brand known for its signature crochet, denim, and chain work.

Gibbs comes from the parish of St. George and is self-taught; navigating the world of hooked needles and intertwined loops on her own since the age of 20. ByKrishtun will be celebrating its five-year anniversary on March 6th.

Travel Noire sat down with Gibbs for a closer look at her unique operation, how she handles copycats, and why she’s keeping her proudest moment under wraps.

Travel Noire: What (or who) motivated you to start byKrishtun?

I was making pieces for myself and my friends and others constantly asked how they could purchase so because of that, By Krishtun was birthed.

TN: How long on average does it take you to make a piece? Do you have help?

I cannot give an accurate average time that a piece takes ex. two separate bra top styles could take either an hour or five hours. Time varies based on each style. I have an assistant who does the body of six to eight styles at the moment, but I do all the finishing touches and the majority of the current styles myself.

Courtesy of Christian Gibbs

TN: How would you describe your brand?

If I had to pick words to describe everything I do — because I work with chain, yarn, and denim making many forms of clothing — I would have to say fashion, modern, details, neat and opulent.

TN: How do you want your designs to make the wearers feel?

I put the same effort into every piece that I would for myself; I make them with a lot of love, so I want wearers to feel unique, sexy and expensive in whatever I make.

TN: Do you remember the first time you sold a piece and how you felt?

The first piece I sold was to a friend I was randomly showing off the first plunge top to, and she asked for a price then bought it on the spot. I felt… warm and proud that someone wanted to pay to wear something I made from scratch!


TN: What has been the biggest highlight of your entrepreneurship journey? The thing you are proudest of.

I cannot say the thing I’m most proud of yet because she hasn’t posted herself wearing it but remember this lol.

My second biggest highlight is being trusted and chosen by two ladies so far to make the most important dress they’ll wear in their life; their wedding dress. From yarn, at that too!

TN: What has been the biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge so far, as with most businesses, is the current COVID-19 pandemic. Ninety-five percent of my orders are international, so I rely heavily on exportation and with lockdowns, curfews and restrictions, this has been heavily affected.

TN: I know that some have attempted to replicate your designs. How have you managed to keep yours unique?

When I started in this industry, I knew I was entering into a very repetitive, global industry so my aim was to keep my blinders on, not look at what other crocheters were doing and take my time to create my very own patterns and styles. Something simple looking to the average eye could take me months of product development and unfortunately, I can’t stop others from copying, but I can keep pushing myself and elevating my style to a stage now where the copies cannot compare.

Courtesy of Christian Gibbs

TN: What can we expect from the brand in the future?

Crocheting, and designing on a whole, isn’t limited to just actually making the products but so much more and in the future, you’ll see me touching on every single aspect, so I don’t have to work that hard anymore.

Contact Christian for your own byKrishtun design on Instagram.

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