Delta Upgrades Economy Class With Bellinis, Sleep Masks & More
Photo Credit: Photo via Getty Images

Photo Credit: Photo via Getty Images

Delta Upgrades Economy Class With Bellinis, Sleep Masks & More

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Nov 18, 2019

While many budget airline carriers are providing lower fares at the cost of comfort, Delta is changing the game for passengers flying in economy.

The airline company has officially launched a new cabin experience that would make flying a little more comfortable for long-haul flights.

The new services include an upgrade to food, entertainment, and even service from flight attendants. 

As explained by Louis Cheslaw, a frequent traveler and CN Traveller contributor, customers will receive a complimentary welcome Bellini, hot towel service, and more.

“Both the not-too-sweet Bellinis and hot towels, which came out within a few minutes of each other, noticeably improved the mood of surprised passengers in the cabin, and reset the energy onboard,” Cheslaw said.

When it comes to the food, customers can expect to choose their meals from an upgraded menu selection and a more convenient way to dine on-board the flight.

“In a nice touch, a table-cover and menu are placed across your table by the attendant a few minutes before they come to take your selection, which makes the experience feel as restaurant-like as it possibly can while sitting in a main cabin 33,000 feet in the air,” Cheslaw explained.

He added that food will come out on smaller food trays, which allows people to sit their personal belongings such as a phone, tablet or book aside.

For those of you who like to be connected on social media during your flight, said that WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage all worked just as good when on the ground.

Tired of feeling uncomfortable in tight spaces? Delta has an answer for that as well. Cheslaw said passengers received a medium-sized travel pillow in a white pillowcase, blankets, a sleep mask, and headphones.

“Waking up from my sleep still felt like waking up on a plane, but I nodded off much faster—and the post-sleep aches and pains were eased by some of the new perks,” he added.

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