Delta Airlines Rolling Out A Semi-First Class Experience For Its International Economy Passengers
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Delta Airlines Rolling Out A Semi-First Class Experience For Its International Economy Passengers

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jul 3, 2019

Picture this, being able to fly first class on your international flights for the cost of an economy ticket. Yea, we all would love that. Well, Delta airlines heard our cry and they’re implementing some new options for international economy passengers.

Starting this November, the US-based airline carrier will begin rolling out a few new features to give their passengers that first-class feel.

As soon as you step on the plane, you’ll be welcomed with friendly smiles and warm hellos as you find your seat.

Next, enjoy a nice warm towel to relax you as you prepare to fly across the seas. Now the most important of them all, sip on a welcome cocktail to get the party going before your flight.

With this new rollout, passengers will be served special Bellinis made with sparkling wine and peach puree.

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During your flight, you will have the option to choose from items on an all new revamped bistro-style menu. These Delta one inspired items include grilled shrimp marinated in Harissa and served on a slaw of arugula and apples, while also having the ability to mix and match from a range of upgraded appetizers and entrees to allow for more choice. 

To make you feel even more fancy, your meal will be served on custom-designed dishes as well as placemats and “upgraded” eating utensils.

You’ll finish your flight with another round of hot towels to refresh after the long journey. You’ll then be served a piece of chocolate as a farewell gift from the crew.

While you won’t get the reclining pods that come with a first-class or business-class experience, this new service will definitely make you feel like you splurged a little on your flight.

Are you excited about these new features for your next international flight?

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